Chinese gadgets

Whatever smart little gadget you can come to think of, it's most likely possible to get hold of it in China. There are tons of cool little Chinese gadgets that can do anything from firing foam rubber rockets from a small rocket ramp when you're bored at work, to showing a huge family photo album. If you're looking for something special that none of your friends has got, then you should take a look at the enormous range of gadgets available on the Asian market.

More and more American and European web shops offer these cheap and addictive gadgets that aren't really that useful when you come to think about it, but they're hilarious and totally worth every dollar. If you do some calculations on how many hours of fun you get per dollar spent there's not question about it – they're totally worth the money.

If what the western web shops have to offer isn't enough you should aim for the Chinese web shops. There are many large Chinese companies selling various gadgets through web shops on their homepages. Many of them are only available in Chinese, but more and more of the larger ones have English versions of their shops. Just beware that you might have to pay customs on your order if you buy from the Chinese shops. If you're planning to make a larger purchase it could be wise to contact your closest customs office first so you don't get a costly surprise when your gadgets arrive.

Here at we're giving you links to some of the best Chinese gadget shops on the Internet. Go buy that spy gadget or USB coffee warmer that you've always dreamt about!